Who is Knoxville Citizen?

Have you ever been upset with the media? How they pick and choose what to tell us, when to tell us and of course, decide which parts of a story to include and which parts to leave out?

Better yet, have you even wanted to share a story, talk about something amazing happening around Knoxville or even give your thoughts on the upcoming big game, but no media outlet would give you the time of day?

Well this has been a frustration of ours for years, so, we created a place where you can tell any story you want, anytime you want.

This site will host anything from your kids first day of school and the emotions that came with it, to sports and large breaking stories. The best part is that we will do our part by driving traffic to your article through organic traffic to our site, our e-mail lists and advertising your articles on our social media accounts. We do this because we realize that a story is virtually worthless if no one is reading it, right?

All we ask in return is that you share our site and your own articles with your friends. This is important because building a community like this one isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap, so we will take all the help we can get.

That being said, follow us on Instagram. Please 🙂

One of our favorite parts about this site is that it will NEVER be overrun with ads and popups. We will always keep this a user friendly and fun site to visit.

As with any site, to keep some sort of order we do have a few rules.

The only stories we won’t publish are…

  1. Overly self promoting
  2. Not suitable for all or most audiences
  3. Not related to Knoxville in any way
  4. Articles targeting specific individuals in a derogatory manner
  5. Poorly written articles or articles that provide no value
  6. Anything that common sense would dictate we shouldn’t publish

Welcome to Knoxville Citizen, where you are the media.  It’s a place for everyone!  Now go register, write an article and share your story with the world.