Who is Knoxville Citizen?

Knoxville Citizen is a locally owned and operated side project that we hope to grow into a legitimate Knoxville Online Media contender.

Our goal is to promote local business, cover stories that major media agencies won’t and to provide value to our community.

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We do accept pitches and articles from the public. Submit your pitch or fully written article by sending an email to, but first take a look at our Contributor Guidelines.

Do not submit pitches or articles that meet any of the criteria below. We only publish content that can provide value to the local community.

  • Overly self promoting
  • Not suitable for all or most audiences
  • Not related to Knoxville in any way
  • Articles targeting specific individuals in a derogatory manner
  • Poorly written articles or articles that provide no value
  • Anything that common sense would dictate we shouldn’t publish

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