Who is Knoxville Citizen?

Who we are is simple.

We wanted to build a community where the citizens of Knoxville have a voice.

A place where they can write and voice their own opinions, share relevant information about upcoming events or even the best places to eat.

Why should the media get to have all of the fun?

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As with any site, to keep some sort of order we do have a few rules.

The only stories we won’t publish are…

  1. Overly self promoting
  2. Not suitable for all or most audiences
  3. Not related to Knoxville in any way
  4. Articles targeting specific individuals in a derogatory manner
  5. Poorly written articles or articles that provide no value
  6. Anything that common sense would dictate we shouldn’t publish

Welcome to Knoxville Citizen, where you are the media.  Have a story you’d like to share?  Click write an article. It’s that simple.

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