Austin Lawson The Combat Entrepreneur — Building six figure businesses from combat zones, Technical Business Mentor, 14 Year Military Veteran, Contributor @Foundr, & Foundr @Knoxville Citizen

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Everyone tends to separate Brick and Mortar Businesses from Online Businesses as if they are two completely different entities, but they both rely on the exact same thing to succeed. CUSTOMERS!

Competition is at an all-time high, almost every field is flooded, and businesses are failing because they can’t reach new customers without spending thousands on advertising, which FYI is also peaked at an almost all time high due to the large number of competitors bidding against each other for the top spots on Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Instagram.  So, your return on investment is very low.   

The most successful businesses in 2019 are not advertising as their primary source of gaining new customers.  They are receiving them through something call organic traffic. If you don’t know, organic is just another word for free.

The primary source of this organic traffic comes from Google, Facebook and Instagram.  Yes, today more than ever, your website and social media accounts are vital to the success of your Brick and Mortar business.

According to Forbes, more than 50% of offline sales are proceeded by, you guessed it, internet research.

Take a minute, right now and Google your business, but don’t Google the name of your business because that’s how the people that already know about you find you online.  Rather, think like a customer, what would a customer search if they were looking for the product or service you are offering locally.  Now, search that, did you show up?

Google looks at over 300 different ranking factors when deciding what websites should rank for specific keywords.  A small part of that equation is what key words your website is optimized to rank for, but a much bigger part of that equation is your domain age, authority and trust with Google.

You can’t do much about your domain age, but authority and trust are concepts that you can control.  Here is how Google thinks.  Knoxville Citizen is a fairy new site, so initially, Google didn’t trust us. They had no reason to. However, over time, people mention us on their social media platforms and put a link on their website to ours. 

When these links pointing to Knoxville Citizen start pouring in, they figure if all of these other people think we are important enough to write about and link to, then we must be important.  So, Google give us some trust and authority, we start ranking above websites that have been around for years, which means we start getting or organic (free) traffic and if we don’t screw it up, we are on our path becoming one of the most “important” sites in Knoxville.

Backlinks are more important today than ever before, but they are difficult get.  If you want to increase your organic traffic, rank for more and better keywords on Google and get more visitors and potential customers to your website, then you need quality backlinks from other local businesses.

Which brings us to our point.  We have developed a network which will help you do just that.

Our network will provide you with the following:

  1. Three professionally written articles about your business, with links to your website
  2. These articles will be posted on other legitimate local business websites. 
  3. Each month, you will receive three new back-links from other Knoxville favorites.

This process alone will make Google think you are important, increase your trust and authority and ensure that you start to rank higher for more and better key words.  In addition, you get the added benefit of being introduced to the customers of other local businesses each month, meaning some of them could become your customers. 

To avoid competing businesses from promoting each other, we are only accepting one business from each industry.  Meaning we will only provide this service to one Relator, on Brewery, etc.

Local businesses that work together, thrive together.

Oh, we almost forgot, the price to be in this network is $185.00 per month, which is an absolute steal.  While we are providing the services of professional articles and backlinks, you must remember that you are joining a network, meaning you must give as much as you take. Granted, we will do all of the work, but you have to be willing to have articles published to your website about other local businesses as well.

If you don’t currently have a blog on your site, shame on you.  However, if you have a WordPress site, we can easily set up your blog for free.  Even if you don’t join this network, you should have a blog.

We also have other packages for cross promotion with other local businesses on Instagram and Facebook.  The no competition rule above applies for that as well.

So, if you want in, hurry because once we have someone in your industry, there is nothing we can do for you besides wait listing you.

Email admin@knoxvillecitizen to join.  Put “I WANT IN” in the subject.

Austin Lawson
Austin Lawson The Combat Entrepreneur — Building six figure businesses from combat zones, Technical Business Mentor, 14 Year Military Veteran, Contributor @Foundr, & Foundr @Knoxville Citizen

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