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Many children grow up playing some type of sport, whether it be football for a middle school team or basketball with a church. As adults, most of us stop playing sports unless we’re on a professional team. The fun aspect of sports is stripped away and replaced with hard competition. Thousands of die-hard fans dressed in orange flock weekly in the fall to Neyland Stadium to watch our beloved Vols take on tough-to-beat SEC teams. Suddenly, sports have a lot more pressure hinging on them than we remember them having when we were children.

Even though adults likely stop playing sports as jobs and responsibilities take over, many of us miss the feeling, and would actually enjoy playing if a no-strings-attached opportunity presented itself. Luckily, one already has, and it’s right here in Knoxville.

Knoxville Sports and Social Club offers year-round fun intended for those older than 21 who are looking to have a good time without the intimidation. In the warmer months, options such as kickball, softball, and flag football enable adults to get outside and work muscles that possibly haven’t been exercised in a long time. The feeling of running from base to base with wind pressed against your body and fear of being tagged reminds you of being a child again. In the winter, sports such as bowling, volleyball, and dodge-ball are offered to keep adults moving when cabin-fever is most prevalent.

No matter which sport you choose, the best part is that it’s all intended for good fun. Teammates are nice and only there for the same reason you are: to get exercise and do something good for themselves. If you have a lot of friends that are onboard with playing as well, you have the option of signing up as a team. If you are riding solo, simply sign up individually and the staff of the club will assign you to a team when sign-ups end. Either way, you are liable to meet new friends, which is much more difficult as an adult.

Players will also have the chance to spend social time with teammates after the games, when bars and restaurants offer discounts to those wearing a Knoxville Sports and Social Club team uniform. Different sports offer different discount locations, but some of the sponsor companies include: Moe’s Original Bar B Que, Fieldhouse Social, Drake’s, and Rooster’s Bar and Grill. Discounts range from $10 beer buckets to 20% off food orders.

As a child, you may remember your parents complaining about the price they had to pay for you to play sports, or the price of uniforms and protective gear. Knoxville Sports and Social Club understands that you are not a professional as they make their prices affordable for the average working adult. Prices typically range from $40 – $60 per person, and vary depending on sport and when you sign-up. Discounts are available for those who sign up early. Signing up on-time also assures that you will receive an official team shirt. If you are late, you will be given a grey shirt that doesn’t represent your team color.

After sign-ups, teams will be given a regular season schedule with the potential to add on more if your team makes it to the playoffs or the tournament. Teams are guaranteed a certain number of games that vary depending on sport, and games will be made up in the event that weather causes a contest to cancel. Cancellations are announced the day-of the game on the official website or Knoxville Sports and Social Club’s Facebook page. Sometimes, teams are asked to play double-headers to assure that all groups play against each other during the season. After the regular season, play-offs will commence followed by a tournament that will determine which team wins the trophy and the title of Knoxville Sports and Social Club’s best team of the season.

Growing up doesn’t have to be a reason to quit playing sports. Those who would like to get more exercise, meet new friends, or simply play a sport they once enjoyed have the chance to do just that thanks to the amazing people at Knoxville Sports and Social Club.

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