Calling All UT Students: 7 Best Coffee Shops in Knoxville for Your Caffeinated Needs

7 Best Coffee Shops in Knoxville

There’s something about coffee shops that just screams college. The smell of coffee roasting, the taste of our favorite lattes, and the sight of tables covered in notes and laptops. Whether it’s for a late-night study session or a midday pick-me-up, every college student has a go-to spot to for caffeine. We’ve listed out our 7 favorite places for the night owls, early birds, and the caffeine-dependent.

In no specific order…

Remedy Coffee

This place is the perfect cure to your finals week blues. (See what we did there?) Remedy Coffee opens at 8 a.m. every day and closes at 7 p.m. except on Fridays where they keep those doors open till midnight. There is plenty of time for you to grab a cup of joe before kicking butt on that exam. (Psst! This place has a ton of outlets to use to keep that study grind going when that laptop battery starts dying.)

K Brew

In a list of Insta-worthy coffee shops, this place finishes somewhere at the top. From the community table to the hammock chairs to the industrial details, you’ll be so busy snapping pics you’ll forget about your finals week anxieties. Don’t worry, their amazing drinks will get you on your grind. Try their cinnamon vanilla latte for a sweet treat or get the classic Americano. If you’re feeling bold, try one of their current roasts. They open at 7 a.m. during the week — the perfect time for you to get a caffeine fix before that test!

Vienna Coffee at The Regas Building

A hidden little gem, let this place be your go-to in Old City. It has plenty of tables for power-studying and a couple lounge areas to destress. You might’ve came in for caffeine, but they have a great food menu if you need a little sustenance. If chocolate is your other go-to during finals week, Vienna Coffee also does chocolate pairings to go with their drinks! This place does close early, but that should only inspire you to start your paper that much sooner.

The Empty Cup

With its cozy vibes and great drink menu, this coffee shop was designed to be a college student’s dream. The fun wall art and eclectic furniture offer a uniqueness that can make anyone feel at home. If that’s not enough, they have a cereal bar to really ease those research paper stresses. If you’ve got a little one, bring them along! They have a room in the back to keep those kiddos occupied while you’re on your grind — childcare not provided.

Honeybee Coffee

Ever wonder what a honey lavender latte tastes like? Honeybee Coffee is here to answer that for you. From the drinks to the interior design, this place screams modern. It’s the perfect place to get your study on. There is plenty of counter space, outlets, and USB ports for everyone! There are two locations in Knoxville so pack up yours notes, pick your location, and settle in for a night of studying. They’re open till 9 p.m. most nights and till 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday!

Third Creek Coffee

Once called the Blue Mason, there was nothing lost in translation at this place. Located just off the highway, Third Creek Coffee is the perfect spot to drop by for your afternoon pick-me-up. Their adorable decor and tasty drinks will surely help you get through a rough day. This smaller shop is also perfect if you need a quieter place to work. If the decor and drinks aren’t enough, the window and patio seating are perfect to add a little sunshine to your day.

Awaken Coffee

Great hours, great coffee, great vibes. Do we really need to keep going? Probably not, but you seriously need to check this place out. The decor is amazing, the space is huge, and you can’t go wrong with a cold brew from this place. If you prefer a milk alternative, they’ve got you covered — just double check with the barista it’s the right kind! Need a study break and craving something sweet? Order one of their smore’s stations to share with the group! (Or yourself! It’s finals week, no one is judging.)

Next time your dorm room desk isn’t cutting it, check out one of these cool places. College isn’t easy, let caffeine (or decaf!) be there for you.

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