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Are you ready to travel the world? Are you yearning for exotic foods and a thriving, international environment that will give you a taste of other cultures? If you’re not quite ready to board that plane for Europe or other continents yet, you can still explore every type of culture imaginable by visiting one of the many international restaurants in Knoxville, TN.

A diverse city filled with all the best in culture and arts, Knoxville is the type of place where you can visit a new eating place every day of the year and still not quite try them all. Whether you have already developed a taste for a specific kind of food or you are just feeling adventurous and want to try something different, there are some really great food choices in Knoxville to try out.

Gosh Ethiopian Restaurant is located at 3609 Sutherland Ave and is filled with delicious menu items like Doro tibs, Kay wot, Kik alicha, and Tikil gome. You can order spicy red lentils, yellow chick peas, and a number of other sides, or you can go for a combo platter, an excellent choice for those new to Ethiopian cuisine. One of the best parts is the traditional flat bread that you use to scoop up your meat and vegetables in lieu of silverware. Its exotic décor and flavors makes this a perfect choice for a date night or a family outing to teach the kids about different countries.

Bombay Palace on 10901 Parkside Dr, Ste 101 is a great choice for those new to Indian cuisine because it offers a lunch buffet, enabling you to try multiple meats and vegetable dishes all for one price. You can also choose foods from the menu and request mild spices, or just try them as is and get a taste of the true flavors commonly used. From chicken tikka masala to vegetable and meat samosa, the foods are filled with delicious flavors that will make your mouth water for more. The sag paneer (or spinach paneer) will have you looking at spinach in an entirely different way and coming back for more. Don’t forget to order some gulab jamun for dessert, rich deep-fried cheese balls dipped in syrup, and ask for some mango lassi to drink!

If you are looking for something a little different to eat out or cook at home for dinner, check out Quality Turkish Market on 8078 Kingston Pike, Ste 121. With a variety of kebabs and foods like babaganoush, honey nuts, and quince jam, this is an exciting place to visit to try to find a new favorite food. Their hummus and yogurt drinks are another delicious must-have, and you can visit the attached market to purchase the ingredients for your favorite menu items to cook at home.

Are you ready for a trip to Germany now? The Restaurant Linderhof is located at 12740 Kingston Pike, Ste 106, and is filled with delicious entrees like ghoulash, beer cheese soup, chicken schnitzel with Jaher sauce, or more exotic options like beef ungarisch, a tender choice beef simmered in rich Hungarian tomato sauce. From mustard relish and wurst to tasty desserts like homemade strudels, you can experience the true flavors of Germany all at one place.

The Holy Land Market located on 3601 Sutherland Ave is a Middle Eastern grocery store with a small and cozy café inside that offers traditional Greek foods like gyros, Greek salad, and baklava. You can also choose flavorful specials like Mother’s Milk, which consists of roasted bone in lamb over rice, topped with a mint yogurt sauce. And don’t forget to check out their dessert case filled with a variety of delicious and exotic sweets that will inspire you to carry some home for later. You can also find your favorite menu choices in the market and learn how to cook Mediterranean-style!

No list of international restaurants in Knoxville would be complete without a Chinese restaurant, and the Szechuan Garden Chinese Restaurant on 4211 Chapman Hwy receives high ratings and wonderful reviews, making it worthwhile to try this next weekend. Try the flavors of egg drop soup, wonton soup, Mongolian beef, sweet and sour chicken, fried rice and, of course, the eggrolls to get a true taste of Chinese cooking. Big portions and reasonable prices are their specialty and attract customers from all over Knoxville, making this Chinese restaurant a popular choice.

There are entirely too many wonderful international restaurants in Knoxville to list at one time, but these will provide you with a taste of continents and some great options for date-night cooking at home. Be sure to visit them at least once and judge for yourself what your favorite cuisine will be out of all of the different flavors as you “travel the world” right here in Knoxville, TN!

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