Pour Taproom Knoxville – A Great Place to Grab a Drink.

Pour Taproom Knoxville

We’ve all been there- ordering a drink, none of them look tasty or familiar, so we risk $5 plus to buy something we may not even like. A few sips in, we know whether we’ll end up offering the drink to one of our friends hoping they’ll like it, or relievedly enjoying it ourselves.

I’ve found myself sometimes wishing that drink menus were like the ever-popular frozen yogurt places that come with little sample cups to taste, and then make an informed choice on what I’ll consume. Especially today where everything from grocery check-out to salad bars are self-serve, sometimes I just wants full control over what I’m drinking.

Or what about the other common drinking woe, when you’ve had a few drinks and are about to hit your limit, so you contemplate buying one more but know you shouldn’t finish it. Do you rationalize and split it with someone? Do your friends convince you to splurge and finish one more, only to gain a headache the next morning? It would be great if bartenders would let us buy half a drink, even 3/4 of one, but that’s just not how the business works.

Until now. Pour Taproom on West Jackson Avenue has over 68 varieties of beer, cider and wine on tap that you have self-serve access to- but when you get a drink you pay by the ounce, not the glass! This gives us the luxury of tasting a drink and only paying for the taste we poured, and then deciding whether to fill up or move on to something else. And if that wasn’t enough of a deal, they have 25% off all taps from noon to 7pm Monday-Thursday, and 50% of Wine on Wednesdays.

So how does this all work? First, if you’ve stopped reading and are on your way to Pour right now, don’t worry- the amazing staff there will help you learn the set-up and make sure you only pay for what you pour. But if you’re still with me, I’ll explain. When you walk in, go to one of the kiosks and you’ll find an employee handing out red wristbands that resemble watches. They will swipe your credit card, give it back, (you don’t have to worry about closing out a tab later like most bars), and give you a wristband which is linked to your card. Grab a glass from one of the wooden glass holders on either side of the bar, and take that wristband to whichever drink spout you’d like. Place your wristband above the spout (Pro-tip: put the circular part of your wristband between the “O” and the “U” on the Pour logo) and begin filling your glass however full you’d like. Each drink is labeled with the price per ounce, and the ABV percentage. When you stop, it will say how many ounces it charged you for. Easy enough, right?

If you find yourself enjoying all the drinks at Pour and wanting a little something to munch on, you don’t have to leave! They also offer a delicious menu of gourmet nachos, appetizers to share, and sandwiches. Their Sweet Thai Chili Pork Nachos are to die for, and their classic Beer Cheese & Pretzels seem to be just what our bellies need to accompany a good drink. Pour also features several of their beers from local suppliers, so you’re going to see Elkmont, Blackhorse, and all your other Tennessee favorites to choose from. If it’s one of our random freezing days here in Knoxville, they have hot drinks like Mulled Wine and Spiked Hot Cocoa, and if its a warm one you can enjoy their dog-friendly patio with plenty of outdoor seating. While you’re enjoying your drink and food, there is often live music at the corner stage so you can jam out to a local artist and really feel the Knoxville vibes. Truly, what more could you ask for.

Check out their Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for updates on special events and deals, as well as cute pictures of puppies who visit Pour (who doesn’t need more dogs on their newsfeed?). You may even get featured if you tag them! We hope you’ll try Pour for a night out with friends, happy hour outside on a sunny evening, an awkward Tinder date, or to bring a book and enjoy some me-time. With their genius set-up, you’re sure to leave satisfied. Happy Pouring!

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